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Best Family Vacation in Portugal

Planning a Family Trip to Portugal

group of tourists enjoy a tour

What motivates you to go out of bed in the morning?

It’s been a tough time for so many of us lately, but you know what gets me out of bed in the morning? For me, it’s my beautiful family who relies on me. Probably with you, that is the same!

Take advantage of this quarantine to study your Family Vacation in Portugal.

There might not be a lot of travel happening right now. But things are still in full swing over here. On top of helping clients rearrange their travel plans for 2021, we organize our next travel too!

See our suggestions for Best Family Vacation in Portugal!

After months of stay-at-home orders, the families are anxious to travel and get outdoor activities.

Our shore excursions are suitable for your next travel adventure, anniversary trip, family vacation, or a trip to only celebrate life! Book a journey with a group of friends or family. It will be an incredible experience with lots of opportunities to bond and create lifelong memories.

Our shore excursions are thoughtfully planned travel experiences!

You don’t need to organize your vacation alone. We are here to help walk you through it all and plan a memorable trip!⁠

Our packages include 4-star hotels, sightseeing transportation, a local guide, daily breakfast, and other services. You only need to spend 3 minutes online to book your next vacation in Portugal.

Things Not to Miss in Portugal during a family holiday:

    • Sip Port Wine in the Douro Valley.
    • Visit a real-life castle in Sintra, Pena Palace. It is the most colorful castle in the world and remembers Disney Castle!
    • Learn to make Portuguese Cornbread (copy the recipe here).
    • Visit the Clerigos Tower, and take in a panoramic view of the city.
    • Take a tram and explore the winding streets of Bairro Alto. Stop for a glass of Portuguese wine in one traditional Fado live music.
    • Experience the tastes of Portugal during a hands-on cooking class.

How can you book online?

Watch this video. In only 3 minutes, you book your next vacation in Portugal.

Our new Change of Mind Guarantee allows you to book with confidence:

When you’re ready to make travel plans, contact us to help arrange your future journey. Don’t forget! We have a new cancellation policy that allows you to book with full confidence. Refundable deposit within 13 days before the arrival date!

Book Now And Get Saving an Exclusive 10% Off Your Next Trip!


Do you want a Private Tour?

Do you have a family group or walking club itching to travel?

Please contact us. We organize a private tour with a minimum of 2 travelers.

Traveling with a family or group of friends reduces any sense of uncertainty over who your traveler-mates might be and is a power-packed way to build lifetime memories together!

Attention: we don’t increase the price if you ask for our shore excursion exclusive for your group. We only need to check our availability.

Portugal Food Tours – 8 Days in Portugal

This package is perfect for all ages. In this gastronomic experience through Portugal, we will walk among the local products, following them until they enter the kitchen. We will see them transforming into palates, flavors, and smells. We will taste everything: understanding where these products come from, how they are grown, and how they are cooked. It will be a full sensory experience. Your family will come away with a deeper appreciation of Portugal.

  • Experience the tastes of Portugal with a private cooking class. That is included three hands-on cooking classes in Portugal. That is the opportunity to strengthen relationships between family travelers, as everyone will participate in cooking classes.
  • Port Wine tasting.
  • Vinho Verde wine tasting.
  • Enjoy the swimming pool at the hotels.
  • Explore the cultural cornerstones of Lisbon and Porto with a private guide.
  • Featuring private transfers and expertly selected 4-star hotels (family-friendly hotel).
  • Visit the famous cities in Portugal and the countryside.
  • Learn more about Slow Food. This movement encourages the use of local products and involves the preparation of traditional dishes.

Get immersed in Portugal culinary delights! Enjoy a culinary, food, and wine tour in Portugal. These cooking holidays are specially made for you! Discover a warm land of culture and food!

Price from: 1829€ per person. Save 10% Off, booking online now! GET YOUR QUOTE TODAY!

Portugal Vacation Package – 7 Days in Portugal

A wealth of delicious cuisine, fascinating history, and impeccable scenery awaits on this small-group tour to Portugal. From delectable desserts and wine, a history rich in religious monuments and impressive architecture, to the stunning coast and natural landscape. You will savor every moment as you travel through Porto, Braga, Sintra, and Lisbon.

Price from: 1499€ per person. Save 10% Off, booking online now! GET YOUR QUOTE TODAY!

Walking and Cooking in Portugal – 7 Days in Portugal

Portugal has historic cities, world-renowned cuisine, natural landscapes, and spectacular beaches. Portugal is a fantastic destination to explore on foot.

This journey allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and flavor. They will be exposed to spontaneous moments that could not be experienced on a bus, a train, or driving a car.

These holidays are perfect for those traveling alone, as a couple, or with friends. Everyone is welcome, and there are opportunities to socialize with group members and your guide.

This shore excursion is a good option for families who love the sport.

The hikes are easies. We recommend this package for families with children over nine years.

That is also included one hands-on culinary workshop with a local chef!

Price from: 1499€ per person. Save 10% Off, booking online now!


Portugal Travel Tips: Know Before You Go

Don’t bring a car seat. Please ask us for this equipment. That is free for our travelers. Here in Portugal, we need to use baby car seats for all children until 12 years old.

Read our tips for traveling in Portugal.

What are you reading while you’re in self-isolation?

Please take a look here: we have various free e-books about Vacation in Portugal.

Need more help?

If you didn’t find the tour, you were looking for or needed any further assistance. Please reply to this email, and a friendly tour expert will get back to you.

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