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Things to Do in Aveiro Portugal

Things to do near Aveiro, Portugal Costa NovaWhere is Aveiro, Portugal?

It is a small city between Coimbra and Porto. Known as the Venice of Portugal. Aveiro is surrounded by salt flats, beaches, and lagoons and is dominated by the Central Canal running through the downtown.

What to do in Aveiro?

We select a few incredible things to do in Aveiro in one day!

Art Nouveau Tour

Who loves art and architecture must-visit Aveiro! Along the quays in the Rossio area, there is some beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. The big boom was during the 20th century when the emigrants returned to Portugal. There is a route you can follow. Don’t worry that is easy walking! Nothing compares to Lisbon and its seven hills. It is a flat city. You will fall in love with decorative tiles, curved, fluid windows, and wrought-iron gates.

Moliceiro Tour

Moliceiro Tour is the kind of trip everybody must do when visiting Aveiro! Boat Ride on the canals of Ria de Aveiro. But attention! This canal is smaller compared to Venice.

The moliceiros were initially made to harvest seaweed in the lagoon. In Portugal, seaweed is used as a natural fertilizer. Unfortunately, this region lost this tradition of using seaweed. But they preserve the moliceiro to transport the tourist on the canals. Take a look at the saucy paintings in these traditional boats.

Tip: Don’t forget your suncream, sunglasses, and hat. There’s no shade on the boat!

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How many days do you need in AveiroForum Aveiro

It is a unique mall because that is open-air and right by the canal. You can stay on the stair and take a few pictures of the moliceiros.

If you are looking for handicrafts, you must visit these streets: Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra and Rua do Principe Perfeito.

Train Station

We currently have a new train station in Aveiro. The old building still exists, and you can visit inside, that is the local tourist office. Similar to Pinhão Train Station, this one has blue tiles which describe the traditional scenes from around Aveiro and the region. These tiles were made at the Fábrica da Fonte Nova in 1916. Unfortunately, this factory closed in 1937.

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Salt Production

From the 12th to 20th century, salt was the most important production in Aveiro. It was enough to supply the entire country as well as exports. However, the environmental factors and the salt industry destroyed this artisanal production. Artisanal salt production continues, and you can buy top-quality salt crystals and flor de sal in Aveiro.

Ovos Moles

Aveiro is known for this sweat made of egg yolks and sugar. The ovos moles are filled in small rice paper shaped like shells, clams, and fish. Like other Portuguese desserts, ovos moles were made by nuns in Aveiro’s old convents. The recipes were passed to the townsfolk when the religious institutions were shut down.

In 2008, Ovos Moles became a product with Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union.

How do you get to Aveiro?

The best option to get to Aveiro is from Lisbon or Porto by train! The main train line that runs between the South to the North of Portugal passes in this city! That is cheap, comfortable, and fast! My tip is: buy the ticket for the train Alfa.

Who prefers privacy, don’t dismiss a quality service! We recommend booking our post-tour extension Coimbra & Aveiro from Braga. You visit two emblematic cities in just one day on a private guided tour.

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How many days do you need in Aveiro?

It is a compact city, and you can visit it in one day!

Does Aveiro have an airport?

No, the nearest international airport to Aveiro is in Lisbon or Porto.

Things to do near Aveiro, Portugal

What to do in AveiroNot too far from the downtown canal, we have the Atlantic Ocean! And along with the coast, there are a few charming fishing villages. We recommend you visit these places: Costa Nova and Praia da Barra.

Costa Nova is famous for cute weatherboard cottages painted with vertical stripes and seafood restaurants. That is an excellent opportunity to eat cheap and fresh fish and seafood!

Praia da Barra is a famous beach because the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and rises to 62 meters. The lighthouse is still working! And the beach is top-rated for sunbathing during the summer holidays.

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