Portugal Vacation Package

Quick Details

  • 22-July-2020 to 28-July-2020
  • 12-August-2020 to 18-August-2020
  • 16-September-2020 to 22-September-2020. Guaranteed, 4 LAST PLACES Remaining!
  • 18-November-2020 to 24-November-2020
  • 20-January-2021 to 26-January-2021
  • 17-February-2021 to 23-February-2021
  • 17-March-2021 to 23-March-2021
  • 30-March-2021 to 05-April-2021 – EASTER
  • 21-April-2021 to 27-April-2021
  • 02-June-2021 to 08-June-2021
  • 07-July-2021 to 13-July-2021
  • 04-August-2021 to 10-August-2021
  • 15-September-2021 to 21-September-2021
  • 06-October-2021 to 12-October-2021
  • 17-November-2021 to 23-November-2021
  • 01-December-2021 to 07-December-2021
  • 15-December-2021 to 21-December-2021
  • Other departure dates on request.
Twin Room Price includes 2 People (2 single beds)
1339 1205,10
Single Rooms Price per Person (1 person per room)
1738 1564,20

Spend one week in Portugal!

The Best of Portugal Vacations – Tours from Lisbon to Porto!

Portugal is a country where the land touches the sea, the sun is bright, and the food is delicious!

Discover the color and history of some of Portugal’s oldest and most attractive cities and towns. It includes the capital, Lisbon. And, the charming second city of Portugal – Porto.

Portugal Highlights

  • Small group. Tour groups are limited to 8 passengers.
  • Tours from Lisbon to Porto.
  • Enjoy a private guided city tour of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.
  • Lisbon: Enjoy a demonstration and tasting of the famous ‘pastéis de Belém.’
  • Explore Porto and Douro Valley with a private guide.
  • Full day in Douro Valley with lunch and Port wine tasting.
  • City tour in Nazaré and Fatima.
  • With a private guide, visit the coastal gems of Portugal, including Sintra.
  • The ideal way to explore Portugal.