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Tips for Traveling to Portugal

Here you have a short checklist and other useful information for your next travel in Portugal.

Lisbon view


The capital of Portugal: Lisbon
The population of Portugal: 10.7 million
Languages in Portugal: Portuguese
Time in Portugal: GMT
International dialing code in Portugal: +351
Voltage in Portugal: 220 AC 50 Hz
Money in Portugal: Euro (E)
Emergency number: 112
International airports: Lisbon (LIS) 7 km from the city. Faro (FAO) 4 km from the city. Oporto (OPO) 11km km from the city.
Opening hours: most museums are closed on Mondays, and Sundays are very quiet. The stores open at 9h00 or 10h00 am. And, they close at 07h00 pm.