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Eco-Friendly Gift You Can Buy in Portugal

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Barcelos pottery and ceramicsWe selected a few Portuguese gifts that you can buy during your journey to Portugal or online. These are perfect for a conscious Christmas, birthdays, or other reasons!

Sustainable Portugal Gift

We select the top souvenirs to buy when you visit Portugal.

Cork Gifts

In Portugal, you can buy handbags, shoes, an umbrella, a pen, a belt, a hat, etc. Everything is made of cork. Tourists love these products because it is 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. The harvesting cork does not damage the tree in any way. One cork tree can live for 160 years; it is possible to use the same tree 15 times.

However, I recently was the victim of one low-quality brand. I bought one bag a few years ago. And it was a cork leaf glued in cotton. I used the bag for a few months, but now, it has a hole! The cork leaf took off! So the best brands are Pelcor, Cork & Company, and Montado.

Beware when purchasing cork products! Read where it is made. Unfortunately, some cork gift is from China, and it is not made from genuine cork.


Tiles (called azulejos) are a constant feature in Portuguese architecture and pride. You can learn more about the Portuguese tiles at Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas in Funchal or the National Tile Museum in Lisbon.
Please don’t buy older tiles at Feira da Ladra. According to residents in Lisbon, we have a group that stole the tiles in the buildings. Don’t encourage this theft!
One lovely option is tile painting workshops; you will learn about this important Portuguese heritage and paint Portuguese pottery and ceramicsPorto tiles yourself using traditional techniques. Contact us for more information.


Claus Porto was created in 1887 by two German businessmen who decided to set up Portugal’s first soap and fragrance factory. This company is very concerned with maintaining its cultural roots by keeping its factories in Porto. The new liquid soaps and body moisturizers, for instance, are composed of 99% natural ingredients from organic farming.

Barcelos Pottery and Ceramics

Barcelos’ craftspeople have produced many diversities of ceramics over centuries. They are dynamic, colorful, creative, versatile, and flexible, developing and delivering a vast range of ceramic products using traditional techniques combined with modern finishing designs and processes.

Portuguese Shoes

Who doesn’t like to buy shoes? Portuguese leather shoes or cork shoes are said to be some of the best in the world!

Gift Card in Portugal

Give them an experience they will remember! Purchase the perfect gift: a gift card with a chosen value and no expiration date! Invite them to explore Portugal! Purchase a Gift Card today!

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