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48 Hours in Porto

An expert travel guide to 48 Hours in Porto, Portugal

Small-Group Tours in Porto

Porto, Portugal’s second city, is a colorful town, a combination of tradition and modernity, and a synonym of good food and wine! Porto was classified as the Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1996. This historic downtown has old houses, traditionally tiled churches, and rangy alleyways that you only can visit walking! So, don’t forget your best footwear!

We have some tours that start in Lisbon and finish in Porto. However, that isn’t easy to visit everything in just one day. If you book one extra night in Porto, this free e-book is for you! You have here 7 things to do and see in just 48 hours in Porto.


Porto’s Gastronomy

Porto is a colorful city filled with artists, friendly ‘Tripeiros’ (Locals from Porto), and delicious Portuguese cuisine.
Did you hear someone call Porto “Oporto”?

Both names are correct. Let me clear that for you: the name Porto is not translated a lot like Lisboa, for example.
This different form of writing Porto started with the English. When they were here in Portugal, they heard us talk about “o Porto,” in which “o” means the definite article. For some reason, Porto is one of the only cities in Portuguese that has a definite article before all the time.

Porto has one of the most exciting, vibrant, and surprising food scenes of most European cities. If you are looking for some inspiration for Portuguese food, don’t miss our guide to Porto’s best bars and restaurants.

Eat a Francesinha

You will probably read about a typical local dish Francesinha. That is a sandwich that was created in Porto.
It’s made with bread, ham, sausage, and beef-covered cheese and drowned in a tomato sauce with different spices. This dish remembers the croque-monsieur. In short, some people classified this dish as fast food that is served with a whole plate of chips.

Port Wine Tour

It would not be polite to visit Porto without sampling the very thing that received its name. A great way to see the city is by taking a walk or run along the Douro River.

The majority of Port wine producers are on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the river. A guided tour of the working cellar is by appointment only, so book ahead. By the way, our favorite wine cellars are Calem, Sandeman, and Ferreira.

Drink In The Streets

Unlike the USA, there are no open carry laws in Porto. Porto has some great nightlife, the drinks and food are cheap.

Are you looking for Private Tours from Porto?

See here our tours:

Porto Walking Tour

Experience a walking tour through Porto’s historical center’s streets, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the city through its neighborhoods, buildings, and roads on 3 hours guided tour.
Enjoy old palaces, charming churches, and lively neighborhoods. See the famous iron bridge, engineered by Teófilo Seyrig and the characteristic Rabelo boats lined up along the quay, which preserves the memory of old times when they used to transport the wine casks.


Do you have more than 48 hours in Porto?

Here are some ideas:

Olive Oil Tasting in Porto

Let’s go to discover the luscious world of liquid gold! Learning to taste extra-virgin olive oil properly will help you recognize both the positive and negative attributes of an oil. We will analyze flavor, visual, and olfactory.

  • Technical proof of three Portuguese olive oils in Porto.
  • Tasting of Portuguese products: bread, sausages, cheeses, and one glass of wine or black tea or green tea from the Azores.


Braga City Tour

Braga is the oldest Portuguese city. One of the earliest Christian cities in the world, founded in Roman times as Bracara Augusta, has over 2000 years of history as a city.
That is just one hour by train from Porto.
Book this tour online and discover this fantastic city! City Tour in Braga and Private Transfer to the incredible Sanctuary of Bom Jesus.


Food Tasting in Braga

Enjoy a gastronomic and cultural experience through the spectacular Braga city center! You will have the opportunity to combine the marvelous smells and flavors of top-quality typical Portuguese products with top historic sites, monuments, and squares.

Braga is only 55 minutes by train from Porto. This city is calmer than Porto, but each street has a fascinating story to tell.


Douro Valley Tour

Explore the incredible Douro Valley Wine Region. Visit the most famous wine estates and taste delicious Port wines. Lunch is included. Full-Day in the Douro Valley pick-up from your hotel in Porto – comfortable service!


Douro Valley Hike

Day tours are the easiest and quickest way to explore somewhere new while comfortably fitting it into a tight travel schedule. Departing from Porto or Braga, a day trip to the Douro Valley is an excellent option for those looking for a countryside escape at the city’s doorstep. That is included one leisurely hiking tour, lunch, and wine tasting.


Need more help?

If you can’t find the tour you are looking for or need any further assistance, please contact us, and a friendly tour expert will get back to you.

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