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Top 7 Unmissable Sintra Attractions

Sintra Portugal Vacation PackageMust-See Places In Sintra, Portugal

It is a magical city! Getting to know all its beauties would take many days and even so, there would always be something to discover in the corner of the village, mountain range, or secret beach.

We select seven places you must visit in Sintra.

Castle of the Moors

It was built by the Moors on a rocky peak in the Serra de Sintra, possibly between the 8th and 9th centuries. The Romans called this mountain range moon Mount – in Latin Mons Lunae). After the Christian reconquest. It was expanded and reinforced many times. It is also a terrific viewpoint, overlooking the village and the surrounding region.

Gardens and National Palace of QueluzGardens and National Palace of Queluz

Located in Queluz, it is still in the municipality of Sintra. Both the palace and the garden reveal strong French and Italian influences. The collection includes Baroque, Rocaille, and Neoclassical elements. This palace was the royal residence for Queen D. Maria I and her husband, Dom Pedro III (prince regent).
The palace was the Royal Family’s permanent residence. Through to the departure of the Royal Family for Brazil at the time of the Napoleonic invasion in 1807.

Sintra National Palace

In the heart of the village, you can see Sintra National Palace. It has been the residence of the Portuguese royal family since the 12th century. It is a unique example of medieval Portuguese palaces. But it reveals various architectural styles as a reflection of the taste of different kings. Gothic and Manueline are particularly evident.

Be sure to get to know the kitchen and look up the 33-meter-high massive chimneys with their large conical chimneys.

Sintra Pena PalacePena Palace

Pena Palace is voted the 8th most spectacular architectural work in the world. It has a Romanticist architectural style and combines several different influences. Including Neo-Manueline, Neo-Islamic, and Medieval.

Pena Palace was built in 1836. This magical conception of King Don Fernando II, also known as the Artist King.

In 1995, Pena Palace was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

How much does it cost to get into Pena Palace?

We have three different prices.

The entrance fee to Parque da Pena. It costs 7.50 euros for an adult and 6.50 for children and pensioners. But it allows you to enjoy the palace’s exterior. Including its terraces, where you can observe the stunning architecture.
The total ticket to the palace and the gardens costs 14 euros for adults.

The last option allows you to visit the palace gardens and use the bus inside the palace! This palace is on the top of one hill, you can walk, but the bus is the best choice! It costs 17 euros for adults. Book Sintra Day Tour and include the entrance fee to Pena Palace.

How many hours do I need to visit Pena Palace?

2 hours. Why? Because this palace has a thousand details inside and outside, you will love it! You can see beds, plates, cups, cutlery, and desks with letterhead. And everything the royal family used.

This 7-day Portugal Tour includes a guided tour at Pena Palace.

Quinta da Regaleira

The Quinta da Regaleira is the most mystical place in Sintra. It was built in the early twentieth century by millionaire António Carvalho Monteiro (also known as Monteiro dos Milhões). The building is an example of the Romanesque revivalist style. That combines Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance elements and much esoteric symbolism.

Quinta da Regaleira is covered with lush vegetation. It stands out at the Chapel of the Holy Trinity and the famous initiation well, with its iconic spiral staircase.

Old Centre of SintraOld Centre of Sintra

If you search for gifts or souvenirs. Sintra is known for its textiles and pottery. And there are plenty of opportunities to window-shop while for lunch.


Café Piriquita just off Sintra National Palace. Try a Queijada, a cheese tart traditional to Sintra. Or Travesseiro (literally, “pillow”), a delicious puff pastry with egg cream and almonds. This bakery was founded in 1862! The bakery owner Constância was relatively small in stature, so King D. Carlos I called her Piriquita. You can see King D. Carlos I’s pictures at Pena Palace.

Where is Sintra in Portugal? How far is Lisbon to Sintra?

This city is 30 kilometers (18 miles) northwest of Lisbon. It is a town and municipality in Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

How To Get To Sintra From Lisbon

If you plan to visit Sintra, you can get the train from Lisbon (Rossio Train Station) to Sintra. The journey takes about half an hour and when you arrive. Look for bus number 434, which will take you to the town center of Sintra, the Castle of the Moors, and Pena Palace. However, the bus is always crowded!

Take attention! Access is not authorized to private vehicles! If you plan to rent a car and visit by yourself, check before where you can park your vehicle. The Mayor restricted the use of private vehicles in the Sintra. Why? For security! The badly parked cars made it difficult for firefighters to move in an emergency. So, you must take a taxi or public bus to visit palaces or castles.

You are on vacation! You need to relax! So, avoid long queues or stress about where to park your car. Book online here our Sintra Private Tour.

If you are looking for a package vacation with 7-day or more, take a look at our guided tours in Portugal. It always includes the total ticket to Pena Palace in Sintra, accommodations, private transfer, a local guide, and much more!

Sintra National PalaceWhat is the closest airport to Sintra, Portugal?

The nearest airport to Porto is Lisbon Airport (LIS).

What is the Best Day to Visit Sintra? Is the Pena Palace in Sintra open on Mondays?

If you are planning to visit this city, avoid Monday! Reason: the palaces, museums, and castles are open Monday in Sintra. And in Lisbon, everything is closed. Conclusion: queues and traffic in Sintra are a nightmare!

Tram in Sintra

If you are a tram fan, you must take the tram from Sintra to the beach (Praia das Maçãs). The tram station is close to Sintra National Palace, around a 20-minute walk. That is a short trip, only 45 minutes, but it connects the mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the best restaurants in Sintra?

Incomum by Luis Santos

Chef Luis Santos offers gourmet cuisine with local products at an economical price! This restaurant is one of the hidden gems in Sintra. We highly recommend it!

Romaria de Baco

Traditional Portuguese restaurant without the tourist crowds. It is close to the Sintra National Palace.

What to Wear in Sintra

You should bring comfortable walking shoes. Wear sneakers or at least sturdier sandals (read our tips). Please don’t wear slippers or high heel shoes. When it’s hot out, we recommend applying sunscreen on exposed body parts and a pair of sunglasses. Due to its altitude and location closer to the coast, Sintra is often colder than Lisbon. The temperature can decrease by 5 to 10 degrees compared to Lisbon. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing a jacket, sweater, or anorak.

Join our Best Sintra and Cascais Tour from Lisbon. You will create your travel bubble and explore this city on this exclusive private driver tour!

Start thinking about your travel experience in Portugal. Book now with no worries!

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