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Hiking in Portugal

Hiking in Portugal: Some of the Best Trails

Come with us to Portugal Hiking Trails.

With winter upon us, my thoughts have turned to the upcoming holiday season. More people than you would think travel to Portugal during the holidays. Visitors fascinated by Portugal are growing weary of its sprawling urbanizations. This is why the demand has increased for walking tours. Besides museums and monuments, travelers search for immersive experiences and activities.

There’s no better way of visiting one new destination than by feeling its earth under your feet, its downhill in your legs, its sun on your body, and the local gastronomy at the end of your day.

Ahead of you on the path is a guide who knows the local community and has preselected the best restaurant. Furthermore, the travelers are like-minded companions, all with their own stories to share.

Guided group walking holidays come in many reflections, but their essence is an experience shared. That is a fantastic experience for a group of old friends. There’s a sense of achievement and daily adventure!

There is a massive misconception that travelers must be avid walks. That isn’t our case.

Our trips cater to all age groups! Because we know our travelers want more of an active vacation. But they want to experience it from the ground level because they are interested in getting a sense of history and culture.

The walking tour allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and flavor of a destination, exposing them to spontaneous moments. That could not be experienced on a bus, a train, or driving a car.

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a couple of people during Guided Walking Holidays PortugalBest time of the year for hiking trail in Portugal

The weather in Portugal is mostly pleasant throughout the year. But for hiking vacations, the best time would be in the spring, summer, and autumn months.

The best months are May, June, July, September, and October. Find the tip here – The best time to walk in Portugal.

With perfect temperatures almost all year round and warm sun and sea breezes. Portugal is a beautiful destination for enjoying great beaches.

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Comfortable Walking Tours in Portugal and Hands-on Cooking Class

The North of Portugal is characterized by its beautiful natural areas, authentic villages, unending beaches, winding rivers, and numerous vineyards. It is greener and quieter compared to the rest of Portugal.

Exploring Northward Portugal on foot allows you to immerse yourself in these fantastic views truly. You will admire three different landscapes:

  1. The birthplace of the world-famous Port wine – the Douro Valley. Walking downhill through the vineyards to this village offers the chance to absorb the Douro Valley’s quintessential elements with beautiful views all the way through.
  2. The green mountains in Sistelo – Arcos de Valdevez. This rural village is called “Little Tibet” because of its agricultural terraces. This trail is a mix of wooden walkways and Roman roads. You will listen to the river and birds’ sounds during the walk.
  3. Wooden boardwalks alongside sandy beaches – Povoa de Varzim (fisherman’s trail Portugal). You will see small groups doing the Portuguese Camino Coastal Way along the trail. That is the most popular trail of the Portuguese Way of Saint James. Perfect moment for those looking to capture the essence of the Camino! It is a nice walk, with delicious food and wine. You can meet pilgrims and share your experience in a unique atmosphere along the Atlantic ocean.

country walkers portugalA combination of accessible walking tours in the countryside and city tours, along with the hands-on cooking class, delves into the region’s gourmet foods.

This package was designed as the perfect combination of local food, walking, and wine tasting for this six-night experience in Northward Portugal. There are six-night in a beautiful four-star superior hotel in Braga.

Your cooking class will be held in a modern professional kitchen, where cooking and wine pairing classes often occur. You will learn regional specialties, including appetizers, a first course, and a dessert. Then, of course, you will enjoy eating what you have prepared with the chef.

This escape is for those with a passion for food, travel, and exploration! Three reasons you’ll love our trails in Portugal:

  1. They’re the correct size. While other companies promise small groups, they often herd around 20 people on tour. Our groups are usually between 2 and 6 travelers — the perfect size for visiting sites comfortably and expeditiously and getting to know your travel companions.
  2. Experience your destination through the eyes of a local. Our friendly guides are passionate about Portugal and its culture. With them, you’ll gain a deep understanding of all the famous sites while exploring hidden gems and local treasures too.
  3. We do all the work! We bundle everything together, private transfer, hotels, and hands-on cooking class, into an exact price with no surprises. Our local guide ensures that everything flows smoothly, which leaves you to enjoy Portugal rather than fretting about the details.

There is a basic level of fitness required. This trip is for all age groups! This tour was built to adapt to a group with different walking experiences — with 5 miles of hike trails per day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our package, Guided Walking Holidays Portugal.

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Hiking in Portugal

Walking Tour in Portugal will acquaint you with fascinating and magical surroundings. This region has delicious cuisine and some of the world’s most excellent wines. You’ll walk through uniquely terraced vineyards, taking in these regions’ typical towns and villages.

Set out on an incredible 7-day hike along with Portugal. This walking holiday is in the North of Portugal and the Douro Valley. Two of the most famous and stunning wine-growing regions of Portugal. It is ideal for those who enjoy good food, nature, culture, wine, and fantastic day walks.

Minimum number for this hiking in Portugal: Two travelers.

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