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Portugal Culinary Tours

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Portugal is a vibrant country that’s full of life. It has old-fashioned villages and bustling cities. You’ll meet countless locals who will be eager to share their love of history, food, and fun. It’s no surprise that street festivals are commonplace in Portugal. The streets fill with drink, food, and dancing in celebration of the life of the saints.

The Portuguese love the sun! So, coffees and restaurants always offer terrace seating. Rooftop bars are typical, and the parks are our favorite meeting places for lunch.

Portuguese people genuinely enjoy their meals as well as their company, and rushing is unheard of our life. Eating is almost like a ritual for the Portuguese people. During the week, the worker has two hours for lunch. It’s a moment of relaxation, and they can’t do it while walking! Usually, Portuguese meals can last between two and three hours. Dinner and weekend meals are generally a longer affair. Portuguese people genuinely enjoy their meals as well as their company, and rushing is untypical.

Our cooking vacation in Portugal is designed for the epicurean who love the charming towns, traditions, culture, art food, and Portuguese wine! With the guidance and input from local guides and chefs. We have created a cooking vacation dedicated to uncovering the secrets and traditions of Portuguese cuisine.

Intense 8-day of Portuguese cooking classes for gourmand! Immersive food-focused itinerary and expert local guides deliver delicious, one-of-a-kind adventures. With a commitment to responsible and sustainable travel, tours never exceed ten travelers, allowing meaningful connections to local places and people.

What is included in this Portugal Culinary Vacations?

  • Small-group size from just 02 to 10 travelers.

Traveling with friends and family is rewarding. Bring your friends or family with you on our Portugal Culinary Vacations. You will share experiences that make them more memorable. That’s why eating together is so genuinely: the joy of indulging in delicious food and wine is enhanced by meeting new people, lively conversation, and laughter. Partaking in a Culinary Tours – learning, tasting, and cooking with others – adds another layer of meaning to your vacation.

  • Genuinely inclusive, no additional on tour costs.

During the 8-day Portugal Culinary Vacations, you don’t have additional costs on tour. However, you can book an extra night in Braga and one post-tour extension. Such as a full day in the Douro Valley (it is included lunch and Port wine tasting). Portugal has 29 wine regions. The Douro is not only the most famous but also the oldest and most spectacular. Book one full day tour in the Douro Valley. You will browse its terraced hillsides, and deep valleys have earned it UNESCO World Heritage status and the port and table wines produced from this unique terroir win global awards.

  • 12 Meals

7 Buffet Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners, and 1 Food Tasting (olive oil, bread, wine, chorizo, ham, and cheese).
You will taste the authentic Portuguese custard tarts in Pastéis de Belém. And, the wine is included with all lunches and dinners in the program.

  • Hands-On Cooking in Portugal.

Your culinary holiday features classes and tastings to show you the wonders of Portuguese cuisine. All the classes and tastings will inspire you to take these traditions home with you. Here you can live fantastic learning experience, cooking, tasting, watching, and having fun!

  • Special Hands-on Cooking Classes – Bread Making Experience.

When you cook, all of your senses are engaged. Your eyes see the colors and composition of the dishes, your ears listen to the sounds of bubbling and sauteeing, your nose takes in a bouquet of scents, and finally, your tastebuds are rewarded with the spectacular meal you’ve created. We teach you how to create some of Portugal’s most beloved dishes, including handmade Broa de Milho, and more.

  • Enjoy a Port Wine tasting at an acclaimed cellar in Porto.

Port wine is a Portuguese fortified wine produced with distilled grape spirits exclusively in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. Port wine is sweet, heavy, and high in alcohol content than unfortified wines. The Port wine is caused by the addition of distilled grape spirits to fortify the wine and halt fermentation before all the sugar is converted to alcohol, and results in a wine that is usually 19% to 20% alcohol.

  • Visit the winery and tasting in Vinho Verde DOC wine country.

Vinho Verde is unique worldwide and the best reason for visiting the Minho region. You will visit one vineyard and tasting this wine.

Its high acidity still distinguishes Vinho Verde. The flavor depends on the grape varieties used. Most white Vinho Verde can be relied upon to be light, crisp, and aromatic, often with a light prickle of fizz, sometimes with a touch of sweetness.

  • Guided tour in Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Fátima, Óbidos, and Braga. Do you have more one night in Portugal?

Visit the Douro Valley, the birthplace of Port wine! Book online extra night & Douro Valley Tour (Post-tour extension). That is an excellent destination for a day trip from Braga. That guarantees many amazing memories, authentic Portuguese culture, and views of stunning green countryside. Not only can visitors learn about the wine-making process while strolling vineyard grounds, but they can also taste the best Port Wine.

Why should you take Portugal Culinary Vacations on your next trip?

Our tours are immersive and curated for small groups, not exceeding ten travelers. It is where the love for cuisine, architecture, art, and history seamlessly come together in each unforgettable journey.

How can you book this Portugal Culinary Vacations?

You can book online. The channels we have created allow for the quick, comfortable, and 100% secure booking of tourist services through a safe, secure, effective, and easy-to-use platform. Our objective is to give our clients an easy way of booking the perfect vacation. You can use your credit card. And, no reservation fee!
Experience Portugal Culinary Vacations. Book now and get great offers!

Uncover the wealthy heritage and gastronomy of Portugal!


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