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Easter in Portugal

Easter Traditions in Portugal

Holy Week in Braga

What are the Easter Traditions in Portugal?

Easter in Portugal is not just about bunnies and eggs. The country is rich in age-old traditions and rituals that celebrate the Christian liturgical year’s main feast.

Easter in Portugal Traditions include the “folar” (easter bread) and sponge cake (recipe). Folar is a piece of sweet bread that comes with a boiled egg in the middle. Representing rebirth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Codfish is eaten at the main meal on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

The Catholics don’t eat meat until the resurrection. And it is celebrated on Easter Sunday. The traditional dish on this day is the roast lamb. During the Holy Week, it marks the end of Lent in the run-up to Easter.

What happens in Portugal at Easter?

easter portugalThe profoundly Catholic country is steeped in religious rituals and traditions and followed by all kinds of people from the smallest villages to the largest cities.

The Holy Week in Braga is the most imposing, attractive, and famous for all in Portugal. That is the most important tourist and religious event in the city of Braga. It is estimated that about 100.000 people attend the processions. It combines elements of the liturgy, ancient traditions, and innovation.

The Holy Week is celebrated in Braga as in no other town in Portugal. We join solemnity and pomp. The streets are lined with candles and colorfully decorated. During the holy procession, visitors and devotees gather along the darkened streets to witness this great moment of devotion.

The ‘Penitência’ procession, which represents Christ’s final steps while being led to Calvary, is perhaps the most pious event. Another is the Senhor Ecce Hommo procession and Our Lord’s funeral procession. Both of which take place on Good Friday under a shroud of silence, which draw an end to this majestic cycle of the Holy Week processions. And that means the beginning of the Easter celebrations.

Braga is a fascinating town full of traditions and places to visit. Braga is famous in Portugal for being the main religious center in the country. And it is also known for its baroque churches, magnificent 18th-century houses, and elaborate gardens and squares.

The Bom Jesus do Monte Shrine, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro, and Falperra are unusual places. That should be included in any tour of Braga. Due to their beauty and religious value. They make up a triangle based on religious interest and surrounded by unspoiled green areas.

And there are countless other religious celebrations. Pagan festivals are intersecting with the religious calendar,  occurring mainly in the summer and waiting for you in the region.

I am planning to buy souvenirs on Good Friday. Will the stores open?

Yes. If you are planning to visit Braga, the stores are open on Good Friday. However, they will be closed on Easter Monday. This day is not an official public holiday in Portugal, but some people take the day off to spend more time with their families.


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