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Best Restaurants in Braga

The Best Restaurants You Must Try in Braga, Portugal.

The Best Restaurants You Must Try in Braga, Portugal.Our favorite restaurants in Braga, but they aren’t on our Food Tours.

List of Restaurants in Braga

Here you have some restaurants in Braga we strongly recommend!

Restaurante Ignacio

The most popular restaurant, which attracts visitors not only by a large selection of dishes from Portuguese cuisine. Chef: Paula Peliteiro.

Cozinha da Sé

The Best Restaurants in Braga According to Michelin Guide. If you want to eat in this restaurant, we advise you to book in advance for your table.

Caldo Entornado

Excellent place to taste the typical Portuguese dishes. That is close to the Cathedral.

Café Vianna

Great place for Happy hour and after hour’s food.

Caffé Italy

After a few days of eating Portuguese food, here you have a fantastic Italian Restaurant.

The Best Restaurants According to Michelin

Unfortunately, we don’t have Michelin starred restaurants in Braga. But these are the best restaurant closest to Braga, according to Michelin.

  • A Cozinha (Guimarães, chef António Loureiro)
  • Largo do Paço (Amarante, chef Tiago Bonito)
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