Portugal Cooking Vacations

Are you hungry for adventure? Are you starving for new experiences? If so, pack your appetite and read about these Culinary Vacations in Portugal. The Portuguese diet contains many staples of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The eggnog cream and almonds are always presented in the Portuguese pastry. Portuguese cuisine varies from region to region. However, one…

Best restaurants in Porto

Porto is known as Portugal’s best food city. Porto’s dining scene revolves mainly around fresh sea produce and succulent local meats. With regional delicacies such as francesinha and bacalhau, the local salted cod, taking center stage. Here, you have our suggestion for the Best Restaurants in Porto to sample the local cuisine. Best Restaurants in…

Portuguese Recipe Gizzards

Petiscos: stewed chicken gizzards This recipe is commonplace in many restaurants across Portugal. If you’d like a guided Food Tour in Braga, let us know! We’d love to share our secret sumptuous spots with you! Continue to read: Portuguese recipe gizzards. Stewed chicken gizzards are eaten as a starter, main course, or after a night out….