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Best restaurants in Porto

Restaurants Porto, Portugal

Porto cityPorto is known as Portugal’s best food city. Porto’s dining scene revolves mainly around fresh sea produce and delicious local meats. With regional delicacies such as francesinha and bacalhau, the local salted cod, taking center stage. Here, you have our suggestion for the Best Restaurants in Porto to sample the local cuisine.

The Best Restaurants You Must Try in Porto

  1. Cervejaria Brasão Aliados
    Francesinha is Porto’s most famous sandwich. In what’s said to be Portugal’s version of a croque-monsieur, Francesinha (meaning “little Frenchie” in Portuguese). It is a cured ham, smoke-cured pork sausage, and roast meat covered with melted cheese and a fried egg. It was then drenched with a tomato and beer sauce and served with a heap of french fries. Cervejaria Brasão Aliados is a good option for a Portuguese drink beer with Francesinha.
  2. Adega de São Nicolau
    Portuguese Restaurant.
    There’s the menu, full of great choices, such as chicken, sardine, octopus fillets with rice, or the perfect appetizer, cod cakes.
  3. Restaurante Avenida
    Traditional Portuguese cuisine.
    There’s the menu, full of great choices.
  4. Restaurante Abadia
    Only Portuguese dishes. It is located in the historical area of Porto and was founded in 1939.
  5. Chez Lapin
    Traditional Portuguese dishes. In front of the Douro river.
    We suggest the octopus and codfish.
  6. Café Guarany
    We recommend Dinner & Fado show.
  7. Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau
    Codfish cake with Serra da Estrela Cheese. Two traditional flavors together!
  8. Magestic Café
    It’s a bit more expensive than other coffee shops. But worth it for seating and ordering one coffee or hot chocolate.
  9. Confeitaria do Bolhão
    Historical Cafe. It is located in the historical area of Porto and was founded in 1844.
    When Bolhão Bakery was opened, wealthy people from Porto used to come and have their breakfasts in this store before going shopping at the Market.
  10. Jeronymo Café – the best coffee shop in Porto, Portugal.
    We recommend Coffee or hot chocolate with cheese toast and quiches.
    Estação de São Bento.
    Rua dos Heróis e dos Mártires de Angola.
  11. A Lojinha do Leitão
    Piglet roasted. The pork has the perfect cooking point: crunchy on the outside part and juicy inside. Price: 6€ (sandwich, drink, and crisps).
  12. Nata Lisboa
    We may have Lisbon to thank for the original pastéis de Nata recipe. You have to eat this fantastic sweet pastry!
  13. Espaço Porto Cruz – Port Wine Multimedia Center. This cool bar in Porto offers a full Port wine experience, workshops, chocolate, and cheese tastings. Don’t forget to visit the 360º terrace for a truly memorable view! You have here the best spot to watch the sunset in Porto.
  14. Ostras & Coisas. Rua da Fábrica, 73 | Porto
    Situated in the very heart of the city, this restaurant has the best seafood restaurants in Porto.

Wine Shop in Porto

  1. Garrafeira do Carmo
    Specialized shop in Port Wine since 1834. The best relation between quality and price.

Rosemary and Claire from Authentic Food Quest visited us. Read here:

The Best Fado Restaurants in Porto

  • Taberna Real Fado – Only Portuguese food
  • Mal Cozinhado – Traditional Portuguese Dishes.

Restaurants Michelin in Porto, Portugal

These are Porto Michelin star restaurants. We advise you to book in advance of your table.

  1. Antiqvvm (Porto, chef Vítor Matos). Please ask for tasting menus.
  2. Casa de Chá da Boa Nova (Leça da Palmeira, chef Rui Paula)
  3. Pedro Lemos (Porto, chef Pedro Lemos)
  4. The Yeatman (Vila Nova de Gaia, chef Ricardo Costa)
  5. Belcanto (Porto, Chef José Avillez)

The best local eateries in Porto to visit after your tour!

Tipping in Porto Portugal

How much do you tip in Porto, Portugal?
What, how, and if to tip take over most of the frequently asked questions you’ll ask before traveling to Portugal. Please read our blog.

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