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Best Restaurants in Lisbon

These are the Best Restaurants in Lisbon!

beef mealWe selected the Best Restaurants in Lisbon. Don’t worry. We tested the services before, and we recommend them!

  1. Solar dos Presuntos
    We advise you to book your table in advance. With three floors, five rooms, and more than 200 seats. It is the best place in Lisbon for those looking for grilled fish and meat and traditional Portuguese dishes (mainly from the North), all paired with good wine.
  2. A Valenciana
    There’s only one reason to go to A Valenciana – Piri-Piri Chicken. When correctly done, as it is here, the chicken will be moist inside with crispy skin. Wonderful!
  3. Time Out Market Lisbon
    Time Out Lisbon transformed one of the oldest markets in the city into a food court and gastronomic shopping destination. You have different options: soup, pizza, Portuguese dishes, Chinese dishes, etc.
  4. Peixaria do Rossio
    It is located in the heart of Lisbon’s downtown, Baixa, with views of D. Pedro IV Square (Rossio). Peixaria is a fishmonger.
  5. Martinho da Arcada
    The famous Martinho da Arcada opened in 1782, which makes it the oldest café in Lisbon. It is known to have been attended by poets, including Fernando Pessoa, Amadeo de Souza Cardoso, and Cesário Verde.
  6. The Sandeman Chiado
    Since 1790 Sandeman produce wine.
  7. Sommelier Lisbon
    Combines haute cuisine with the tasting of the most excellent wines, allowing you to make a custom choice from over 80 nectars. Not only the best restaurant, but Sommelier Lisbon is also a Home for Wine Lovers.
  8. By The Wine
    At By The Wine, you can enjoy José Maria da Fonseca, a historical wine producer, by the glass or bottle, accompanied by something to eat.
  9. Café A Brasileira
    Brasileira is the most famous café. It has been popular since the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa was known to have his bica (coffee – expresso) there. And, that’s the reason why you can find him immortalized sitting outside. The café opened its doors in 1905. And, it owes its name to the fact it imported its coffee beans from Brazil.
  10. Manteigaria
    This is the best place in Chiado where you can buy a pastel de nata. Location.
  11. O Policia
    Location. The restaurant opened its doors in 1900. Behind Museum Calouste Gulbenkian.
  12. Laurentina, O Rei do Bacalhau
    Location. Behind Museum Calouste Gulbenkian.
    Fado Singer – Thursday @08h00 p.m.
  13. Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant
    Location. Behind Museum Calouste Gulbenkian.

The Best Restaurants in Lisbon According to Michelin

These are the Michelin starred restaurants in 2018.

  1. Eleven (Lisboa, chef Joachim Koerper). Location.
  2. Feitoria (Lisboa, chef João Rodrigues). Location.
  3. Loco (Lisboa, chef Alexandre Silva). Location.
  4. Alma (Lisboa, chef Henrique Sá Pessoa). Location.
  5. Belcanto (Lisboa, chef José Avillez). Location.

If you want to eat in this Best Restaurants in Lisbon, we advise you to book in advance your table.

The Best Fado Restaurants in Lisbon

Classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco since 2011. Much more than just a song. Fado is a musical manifestation of feeling Portuguese. It always accompanied by the solemn and melancholy chords of the Portuguese guitar.

Don’t forget! Whenever the lights are dimmed in a Fado House, and someone says: “Silence! Fado is being sung.” This is not just a ritual that is being performed. In respect to the singer, we have the silence because the singer is talking about love, longing, and loss.

Fado Houses – Best Fado Restaurants in Lisbon

  1. Sr Vinho. Location.
  2. Clube do Fado. Location.
  3. O Faia. Location.
  4. Café Luso. Location.


Fado MuseumLocation.
Located in the heart of Alfama, the neighborhood most associated with this iconic song. The Fado Museum houses a unique collection in the world. The Fado Museum opened on 25 September 1998. The museum, which mainly came about thanks to donations from performers and their families, has a vast collection, paying homage to Lisbon’s traditional form of song and its creators. That is one cheap place to listen to fado and learn its history.

Wine Shop in Lisbon

  1. Garrafeira Nacional is perhaps Lisbon’s most iconic Portuguese wine retailer. Garrafeira Nacional’s friendly staff is well versed in their portfolio. They also have an impressive Port and Madeira selection, with several wines dating back to the 1800s. If you have difficulty with Portuguese, don’t worry! Garrafeira Nacional is accustomed to clients from all over the world. And, you’ll likely find its employees can help you in English. Location.


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