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Self-Guided Tours in Portugal

Quick Details

Twin Room Price per person (2 person per room)

Sightseeing Self-Guided in Portugal from Lisbon to Porto.

Independent Adventures are different from our other guided tours. Add the services that you want to your package. There are no briefings or local guides from Eco Trilha. Create your travel bubble and explore Portugal by yourself!
You can travel without pressure and have the freedom to decide your goals, pace, and breaks. We remain available for any inquiry, help, or advice. In any case of an emergency, we can attend to you 24 hours daily. Booking dates are flexible, and a luxury service is available most of the year.


  • Explore the seven hills of Lisbon.
  • Visit Porto and the UNESCO Douro wine region.
  • Discover the country’s oldest university and its famous library in Coimbra.
  • Enjoy a private cruise tour along the Tagus River in Lisbon from Alfama to Belém (Post-tour Extension – Lisbon Boat Tour).
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary in Portugal to your preferences.

What do you expect during Portugal self-guided tours?

Private tour and luxury service for you! Our self-guided tours can start with a least two travelers. This Portugal Tour is an excellent option for those who value independence and choosing your timing and pace. Equal to our guided tours, self-guided tours in Portugal have a private driver.

What are the advantages of self-guided tours?

That is the best option for travelers who are looking for Flexibility, Privacy, and Affordable Tours.

How to plan your trip to the Douro Valley?

Book Extra Night and Post-tour Extension in the Douro Valley.
Port wine is grown on the Douro’s terraces and has the privilege of belonging to the oldest demarcated regions in the world. Full-day tour in the Douro Valley. It is included lunch, wine tasting, transfer, and a local guide.

Is this tour right for you?

This trip is recommended for 50-plus, couples, family vacations, youth, and small groups of friends.


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