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E-book Vacations in Portugal

E-Book Portuguese Food


Portuguese wine is so much more than Port Wine! Discover excellent wine produced in Portugal — from Vinho Verde to Península de Setúbal — in this uniquely accessible, entertaining guide. Download Now Free E-Book Portuguese Wine.

  • It includes the most famous Portuguese wines and their histories.
  • You can also find our pick of the best wine in Portugal.
  • Great wine bargains!

Let’s cook? Do you want to impress your friends and family? Download our E-Book and learn more about the Portuguese recipes!


  • Some of the most famous Portuguese dishes and their histories.
  • Try out two recipes for the authentic taste of Portuguese cuisine right in your kitchen.
  • Learn why the Portuguese use so many eggs in the desserts.
  • 2 Easy Portuguese Recipes.


All you need to know about this famous route – The Way of Saint James.

  • You can use this E-Book as a reference when you are planning your next walking holiday. We have included a small packing checklist for anyone to print off.
  • The History of the Camino. You are about to enter more than a thousand years of history and tradition associated with the Camino de Santiago.
  • Take a journey through Portugal from the charming city of Porto before reaching the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the finishing point for this quieter Camino route.