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Portugal Pilgrimage Fatima

rosary in FatimaOur Lady of Fatima Shrine, Portugal

How do you pronounce Fatima?

A simple female name has two different forms to pronounce. You can hear the video below. In Portugal, it is similar to English-speaking pronunciation (UK).

However, it is not a Portuguese name. It is a Muslim female name! Fatima means captivating. The first daughter of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad had this name. In the Koran, Fatima is described as the perfect woman!

Why do we have a Muslim name in a Catholic city?

According to the legend, a Moorish princess named Fatima was taken captive during the Reconquista. She married her captor, the Count of Ourem, who called her lands after her.

We don’t know why Virgin Mary appeared in one city with a Muslim name. Maybe she would like to pass a message that Catholics and Muslims must live in peace and harmony. We respect Her choice and preserve the city’s name.

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Our Lady of Fatima Portugal History

the group inside the church in FatimaThree shepherd children reported that they saw visions of the Virgin Mary with a Rosary. They called her Our Lady of the Rosary. It began on May 13, 1917, and then again on the 13th day of five subsequent months. They were Francisco (nine years old), Jacinta Marto (eight years old), and Lucia (eleven years old).

Francisco died at ten years old because of the influenza epidemic. Jacinta died at nine years old with the same disease, and Lucia died at age 97 in 2005.

The most famous apparitions of our lady were on October 13, 1917, when Mary appeared. Many people saw the sun dance, spin, and descend on them, drying their rain-soaked clothes and the land. That was the miracle of the sun.

During the apparition, our lady shared three visions: the secrets.

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The three secrets of Fatima are:

  • A vision of the souls in Hell.
  • Prediction of the end of World War I. A prediction of the beginning of World War II. As well as a request to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Why? We are not talking about the political idea, but it is the prophetic vision of the struggle for atheism.
  • A vision of the Pope being killed. Pope John Paul II donated the bullet to this Sanctuary. You can see it in the Chapel of the Apparitions, on the crown of the Holy Lady.

What is the Best Day to Visit Fatima

The best time to visit this city is during the week (no crowds). The Shrine is quiet, and the public restrooms are cleaned.

Avoid these dates:

Fatima rosary

  • Mother’s Day,
  • June 10,
  • Good Friday,
  • Easter Sunday,
  • Freedom Day on April 25,
  • Labour Day on May 1,
  • Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter Sunday),
  • The apparitions’ dates, i.e., on May 13 and October 13.

Where is the Fatima Shrine in Portugal?

It is the center of Portugal. It is in the civil parish of Fatima, in the municipality of Ourem.

How far is Lisbon to Fatima, Portugal

It is located 80 miles (130 km) north of Lisbon and 123 miles (198 km) south of Porto.

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How to Get to Fatima, Portugal

Unfortunately, this city doesn’t have a train station. The close train station is Ourem (30 kilometers away from the village). If you are in Lisbon or Porto, you have three options:

  • Rent-a-car. You will worry about the road, paying tolls, parking, and fuel.
  • Bus from Lisbon to Fatima. The trip is around 1h30, and you will need to walk 15 minutes from the bus station to the Sanctuary. You will only visit this city. The bus from Braga is around 3h15. The bus from Porto is at about 2h20.
  • Private Driver Tour Fatima, Obidos, and Nazare. In the morning, you will leave Lisbon and visit this holy city, Obidos (medieval town), and Nazare (a fishing village famous because of big wave surfing) in one day. Rates: Group of four to eight people € 499 (Group with eight travelers, you can share the van, and the price per person will be 62,38€). Customize Your Trip From Lisbon. Book Now your private full-day tour.

What is the closest airport to Fatima, Portugal?

Fatima Mass Schedule PortugalNo, the nearest international airport to Fatima is in Lisbon or Porto.

What to Wear in Fatima, Portugal

We don’t have a formal dress code to visit Catholic Churches in Portugal, but be respectful. We advise you to avoid a short dress or skirt, tank top, bandeau top, necklines, etc.

You can wear jeans and other comfortable clothes. Please cover your shoulders and legs.

Fatima Mass Schedule Portugal

Check before the Mass Schedule.
If you decide to watch the candlelight procession, we advise you overnight in Fátima. Contact us to book your hotel.

What to do in Fatima, Portugal

people in the square in FátimaWe select a few places to visit in the pilgrimage town.

  1. Statue of John Paul II
  2. The Great Oak Tree of the Miracle – Unfortunately, that is not the original oak.
  3. Colunata – That is the perfect place to stay when it is raining. It is used to connect the Basilica. It is composed of 200 columns, 14 panels, and 17 statues of angels.
  4. Basilica of the Holy Trinity – That was the last church to be built. The architect was the Greek Alexandros Tomazis. Inside, it has 8633 seats.
  5. The Basilica (Holy Lady of the Rosario) was built in 1953. You can visit the tombs of the three children inside.
  6. Chapel of the Apparitions – It is the most important place on this pilgrimage site. It’s the heart of the Sanctuary! It was built on the site where the Virgin Mary appeared. You can see the original statue of Our Lady. In the crown, there’s the bullet that almost killed Pope John Paul II in 1981.
  7. Gift Shop – Around the Shrine, has thousands of small stores with gifts.

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